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January 17, 2006



Good luck on your studies, and thanks for visiting my blog! :)
Looks like you're a trendsetter and you don't even know it!


Hey, great idea. I am having a bit of a problem with this one - but think I came up with something yesterday.

Been a long time since I did actual Bible studying but am reading books to help me find my way - again. Soul searching and such. But maybe I need to pull out the study kit I have and try the "right" book. I hope you post about your own "revelations".

About bunny. He is an indoor bunny, beautiful black fur, he's named Max (from Max & Ruby). Don't let him out as much now since we rescued a husky that sees food, not member of family like the other dog & our cat do. Ok, sometimes the cat gets a little ticked at the rabbit...have to watch that. As you know it just takes a lot of cleaning, they are input/output machines. But he's cool, got his little tricks he does for me for treats - ringing bells and such. My hubby - who was not into it at first ended up building him a pretty cool bunny condo by combining two large cages together. He is liter trained too - so he's good when he is loose. I love him, he's a part of us...allergic to him as I am I won't give him up.




grace to you as you practice believing Him...

Lain (Knit and Purl Grrl)

What a great topic for practice! This is one where perfection is not the goal, though, eh? We just finished Romans in our couples group and are trying to decide what to start next. I got a Mothers' Devotional that I've been trying to do every night but I find the author's reflections so shallow that I'm losing energy for it. I need to do it anyway, though. Tell me more about your study -- what book is it that you are using, and do you like it?

sharon wisely

I've been reading The Pilgrim's Progress, very inspiring. Have you read it?


I did that Beth Moore study last summer. It was a great experience!


I have to agree. And i am way too out of practice.

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